What Are Deer Placenta Supplements?

What Are Deer Placenta Supplements?

The placenta is a temporary fleshy organ that develops in the uterus of mammals during pregnancy. It surrounds the fetus and delivers nutrients and oxygen from a mother to her growing baby. The placenta plays a vital role in creating hormones, steroids, and peptides that are essential to the health of an infant and it also acts as a barrier to protect the baby from any foreign substances or toxins that may be present in maternal blood. 

The ancient Chinese herbalist and acupuncturist Li Shizhen wrote about the benefits of the placenta as a medical supplement as early as the 1500s and dried placenta has been used for centuries to help patients suffering from everything from impotence to skin disorders and fatigue. Today, celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian use sheep placenta facials for younger looking skin due to its high protein content and actress January Jones hit headlines for remedying postpartum depression with tablets made from the dried placenta which is known to be high in the blues-busting vitamin B6

Placentophagy or the practice of consuming placenta is still new to western medicine but there is evidence to suggest that it could help to boost energy, improve iron levels and ward off depression. Deer placenta is widely regarded as the best grade for supplemental use as the molecular structure of deer placenta matches well with human protein and Pure Vitality Deer Placenta tablets are some of the most powerful products on the market, promoting everything from glowing skin to organ health and healthy blood sugar levels

How Does It Work? 

Hyaluronic Acid

Deer placenta is a 100% natural source of hyaluronic acid which is recommended by many dermatologists for its capacity to improve the texture and appearance of skin. Hyaluronic acid is a lubricating substance produced by the body and it helps preserve collagen and moisture, increasing skin elasticity and promoting and improving flexibility in joints and connective tissue


Deer placenta contains a number of natural hormones including IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor) which may be a natural aid to muscle growth and development. It has also been shown to help strengthen bones, regulate blood sugar, support kidney function and it could even help fight against neurological diseases. Almost every cell in the body is affected by IGF-1 which is one of the many reasons that deer placenta has so much powerful healing potential

Vitamins & Minerals

As the placentas primary function in the body is to provide nutrients and sustain growing life, it stands to reason that it is also a rich source of vital vitamins and minerals including essential amino acids, iron, and vitamin B to promote healthy energy levels. It also contains the antioxidant vitamin E which protects the body from free radical damage, calcium for healthy bones and teeth and zinc which works to support a healthy immune system. 

Stem Cells

Deer placenta is highly prized because it contains a tremendous amount of stem cells and these have a powerful ability to regenerate and repair damaged cells, tissue and organs while protecting healthy cells and nurturing new life cycles. All of this activity promotes healthy glowing skin and overall wellness and vitality. 

To explore all of these powerful health benefits and more try Pure Vitality Deer Placenta supplements for yourself. Rejuvenate your body at the cellular level with this powerful, all-natural twice daily supplement designed by nature to give your body everything it needs to thrive for a lifetime.

Pure Vitality

Pure Vitality a natural supplement company based in an isolated village nestled against the snow-capped Southern Alps of New Zealand. We research health conditions thoroughly to discover the underlying root causes, find the most effective natural remedies, target the root causes rather than use a Band-Aid approach, use a multi-prong approach to fix the root causes from many directions and use high potency ingredients at scientifically supported amounts.


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