Pure Vitality Partners Fast Growing Health Supplement Distributer



Pure Vitality partners with New Zealand's fast growing distributor Natural Health Trading, to expand brand presence and retail sales nationwide.

Pure Vitality has teamed up with Ronen Ben Harosh and Yossi Shannon of Natural Health Trading to expand its brand presence into nationwide retail.

Pure Vitality is a brand committed to excellence and dedicated to creating premium nutritional and health products that deliver noticeable results to its customers.  Natural Health Trading attains merit in the retail and distribution of natural health, providing high quality and affordable products to their consumers. The company has a wealth of experience at anticipating and recognising superior products before expanding their popularity in the NZ market. This high standard of performance combined with the drive, tenacity and experience required to effectively manage key retail accounts across New Zealand, makes them an ideal partner for Pure Vitality.

As part of the partnership, Pure Vitality products are to be featured in two of Ronen Ben Harosh's companies: The Natural Health Company, which is the largest health store in New Zealand - as well as on My Natural Health, the third largest online health supplement platform in New Zealand.

Pure Vitality is innovative and revolutionary. The company has created some of the most scientifically advanced life solution products the supplement world has to offer. The company combines breakthrough products with antioxidants, herbs, amino acids, vitamins and minerals to create products that sharpen the mind, repair the body, help increase muscle mass and improve overall mood and health. The South Island based company will be working with Natural Health Trading to market and distribute its products, promoting a greater awareness of the numerous benefits they provide.

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